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Monday, February 24, 2014

New Course: Those Next Uncharted Steps

If you haven’t picked up the most recent issue of Scribble Literary Magazine, you can still get it online at www.scribblemagazine.us.

Scribble volume 8 issue 3 features my story, “New Course.” In the story, Gene Silverman comes face to face with the hit man his old boss has sent after him. “New Course” is a story from Tracks: A Novel in Stories.

“Looking back was only slowing him down. He took a deep breath and faced forward.”

Coincidentally, the story seems to have a theme that goes along with Sherry Audette Morrow’s editor’s message about loss and changes and the need to “muster the courage necessary to get up off the bench and take those next uncharted steps.”

Learn more at www.scribblemagazine.us/Current_Issue.html.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Olympians of Lit and Art

Take a break from the games in Sochi and join the Olympians of lit and art. The next event in the Lit and Art Reading Series takes place this Sunday, February 23 from 2 to 5 p.m. at The Watermark Gallery, 100 South Charles Street on the second floor of the Bank of America building across from Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

Featured this month are Elisabeth Dahl, Barbara DeCesare, Jen Grow, Charles Rammelkamp and Earl Crown. The original artwork of Manzar is on display, and live pop-grass music will be performed by Jacob Panic.

The event—including the wine and refreshments—is free and open to the public. Take your place on the platform and bring 5 minutes of your own work to share during open mic.

Don’t just sit on your couch and watch the Olympics. Join the Olympians of lit and art!


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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sochi in the Sun

The most expensive Olympics in history are well underway in Sochi, Russia. And it’s warm enough that Sochi could host the Summer Olympics as well!

About 24 hours north of Sochi is a place I’ve called “second home” from time to time: Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia. The third-largest city in central Russia, it’s the city where I went to college, met my wife, and became intimately introduced to Russian culture. Saint Petersburg is easily the most impressive and beautiful city in Russia, Moscow is easily it’s power-center, but Nizhniy Novgorod will always feel like Russia to me.

Since my first visit to Nizhniy Novgorod 20 years ago this month, I’ve returned about half a dozen times. There’s something special about Russia in the Winter with the picture-postcard scenery all tickled by snow. But it was my summertime visit to Russia about ten years ago that prompted me to write a travel story.

“Vodka in the Sun” was originally published in a British travel magazine, Travel Insights, which is no longer published. However, it was reprinted in serial format In Coloquio.

Join me for some vodka in the sun as we visit Nizhniy Novgorod, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, and a river cruise to such islands as Svirstroi, Kizhi, and Valaam. The adventure starts at the link below.



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Friday, February 07, 2014

Storiad’s ePressKit for Tracks

The folks at Storiad have worked diligently at putting together and distributing an electronic press kit for Tracks: A Novel in Stories. You can see it now at http://storiad.com/community/epresskit/tracks-a-novel-in-stories/.

Storiad is a company that offers networking, marketing and publicity for writers, increasing access to potential readers. Their ePressKit is like a traditional press kit only smart, modern and viral.

The ePressKit for Tracks includes information about the book, my author’s page, links to my website and blog, and lots of things like NPR radio readings, reviews and comments on the book and even videos links.

The kit also offers free excerpts from the ebook, access to press kits and media coverage, and the opportunity for reviewers or interviewers to request a free copy.

 Check out the Storiad ePressKit for Tracks!


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