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Friday, February 07, 2014

Storiad’s ePressKit for Tracks

The folks at Storiad have worked diligently at putting together and distributing an electronic press kit for Tracks: A Novel in Stories. You can see it now at http://storiad.com/community/epresskit/tracks-a-novel-in-stories/.

Storiad is a company that offers networking, marketing and publicity for writers, increasing access to potential readers. Their ePressKit is like a traditional press kit only smart, modern and viral.

The ePressKit for Tracks includes information about the book, my author’s page, links to my website and blog, and lots of things like NPR radio readings, reviews and comments on the book and even videos links.

The kit also offers free excerpts from the ebook, access to press kits and media coverage, and the opportunity for reviewers or interviewers to request a free copy.

 Check out the Storiad ePressKit for Tracks!


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