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Monday, July 29, 2019

"A Generous, Boisterous, Surprising Read"

Jacquelyn Mitchard is the author of the best-selling novel
The Deep End of the Ocean, which was the first selection for Oprah's Book Club back in 1996. She’s written countless novels for adults and young adults.

Here is what Jacquelyn Mitchard had to say about Setting the Family Free:

“Like Karen Joy Fowler’s classic, We are All Completely Beside Ourselves, Eric D. Goodman’s newest novel is droll, trenchant, political … it operates on just about any level a reader could wish for. Setting the Family Free might be a fable by intention, but the what-if premise of a private zoo of exotic animals loosed on a middle American town is also a generous, boisterous, surprising read, like a tiger in your backyard.

       - Jacquelyn Mitchard
         author of The Deep End of the Ocean

Pre-order your copy of Setting the Family Free today at Amazon or directly from Apprentice House!

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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

"Now, Thanks to Goodman's Setting the Family Free, the Animals are Eating Us"

As seen on TV! 

Mark Mirabello is a Professor of History at Shawnee State University, where some scenes from Setting the Family Free take place. His books include the Handbook for Rebels and Outlaws, A Traveler's Guide to the Afterlife, The Cannibal Within, and The Odin Brotherhood. 

Here is his analysis after reading Setting the Family Free.

Inspired by true events, and set in the ‘Badlands’ of Southern Ohio, Eric D. Goodman’s latest novel describes the consequences of ‘legal’ persecution: what happens when a man who served his country in war is destroyed by tax charges and Byzantine laws.

“Usually, such men die quietly. But some—like Joseph Stack, who crashed his plane into an Internal Revenue Service Building in 2010, or Sammy Johnson, the outlaw of Goodman’s book, who released dangerous predators by cutting open their cages in his private zoo—lash out one last time. They choose the ‘Samson Option.’ They kill themselves and take others with them.

“Every year, humans kill 50 billion animals for meat. Now, thanks to Goodman’s Setting the Family Free, the animals are eating us . . .”

        - Mark Mirabello, Ph.D, 
         professor of history at Shawnee State University
         author of The Odin Brotherhood, 
         A Traveler's Guide to the Afterlife, and
         Handbook for Rebels and Outlaws

Pre-order your copy of Setting the Family Free today at Amazon or directly from Apprentice House!

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Thursday, July 18, 2019

"Warm, Poignant, Funny, and Suspenseful"

We continue setting the endorsements free.

Lucrecia Gurrero is a Mexican-American novelist and short fiction writer, best known for her award-winning novel, Tree of Sighs. She writes with “sensitivity and respect” (Kirkus) and “a quiet resonance”(Publishers Weekly).  

Here  is what Lucrecia wrote after reading Setting the Family Free:

“Warm, poignant, funny, and suspenseful, Eric D. Goodman's Setting the Family Free looks at the meaning of family from different, sometimes conflicting, perspectives. The unusual structure with its many points of view brings to life the individuals--including the animals--that make up the colorful cast of characters. This novel was a quick read: I flipped the pages rapidly, wanting to know what each character would say or do next and how that individual would affect the whole. Setting the Family Free is entertaining, but while reading, I also paused at particularly touching spots of the story to ponder on this messy, sometimes crazy, sometimes wonderful unit called family.”

Lucrecia Guerrero, 
author of the award-winning novel, Tree of Sighs

Pre-order your copy of Setting the Family Free today at Amazon or directly from Apprentice House!

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

"A Good Read Under the Big Top of a Fine Craftsman's Imagination"

We're back to setting the endorsements free.

You may know Baltimore renaissance man Rafael Alvarez as the author of Basilio Boullosa Stars in the Fountain of Highlandtown, as a storyteller for The Baltimore Sun, or as a writer and producer for the hit series The Wire

Here  is what the cartographer of Baltimore, Rafael Alvarez, had to say about Setting the Family Free:

“After nearly 150 years of “The Greatest Show on Earth,” Ringling Brothers locked up the lion and tiger and camel and kangaroo cages for good not too long ago. Where did the animals go? Here, in Eric D. Goodman's latest literary circus, a good read under the Big Top of a fine craftsman's imagination. Step right up.”

Rafael Alvarez, 
author of Basilio Boullosa Stars in the Fountain of Highlandtown 

Pre-order your copy of Setting the Family Free today at Amazon or directly from Apprentice House!

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Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Apprentice House Press Opens Gate to Pre-Orders

Now you can pre-order Setting the Family Free directly from the publisher!

Apprentice House is publishing Setting the Family Free on October 1, 2019. It’s been available for pre-order on Amazon’s website for about a month. Prefer to buy your books directly from the publisher instead of Amazon? Now you can pre-order your copy directly from the online Apprentice House bookstore to make sure you’re among the first to receive it when it’s ready to ship. Pre-orders should arrive well before the official release date.

Setting the Family Free follows the release of a private reserve of exotic animals into a rural community and examines what happens—to the animals and the people involved—when the animals are put on more equal footing with the people.

Here’s what you should prepare for when ordering your copy of Setting the Family Free, straight from the Apprentice House website:

The loner who collects unusual things. The private reserve of exotic pets released into a rural Ohio community. The estranged wife who loves the animals like family. The caretaker who knows the beasts are dangerous. The Sheriff and his team of experts who must hunt the creatures down. The animal advocate who winces at the spectacle. The celebrity zookeeper who knows what must be done.

This story expands through the innovative use of multiple narratives, news broadcasts, newspaper articles, press conferences, political tapes, and quotes from experts, eyewitnesses, and those closest to the unfolding events. Who are the heroes; who are the victims? Who gets to decide?

Don’t be taken by surprise when the animals are released—pre-order your copy of Setting the Family Free now.