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Thursday, July 18, 2019

"Warm, Poignant, Funny, and Suspenseful"

We continue setting the endorsements free.

Lucrecia Gurrero is a Mexican-American novelist and short fiction writer, best known for her award-winning novel, Tree of Sighs. She writes with “sensitivity and respect” (Kirkus) and “a quiet resonance”(Publishers Weekly).  

Here  is what Lucrecia wrote after reading Setting the Family Free:

“Warm, poignant, funny, and suspenseful, Eric D. Goodman's Setting the Family Free looks at the meaning of family from different, sometimes conflicting, perspectives. The unusual structure with its many points of view brings to life the individuals--including the animals--that make up the colorful cast of characters. This novel was a quick read: I flipped the pages rapidly, wanting to know what each character would say or do next and how that individual would affect the whole. Setting the Family Free is entertaining, but while reading, I also paused at particularly touching spots of the story to ponder on this messy, sometimes crazy, sometimes wonderful unit called family.”

Lucrecia Guerrero, 
author of the award-winning novel, Tree of Sighs

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