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Friday, June 05, 2015

PAYcations are better than Vacations

As you may have heard, I’m getting ready to go on an epic vacation for the rest of the month. (I’m not worried about the reveal since someone is living in our house at all times!)

So it seems a fitting time to share my recent feature story published in Writers Weekly—the highest-circulation freelance writing ezine in the world.

The article is all about the joys of travel writing. One thing I enjoy almost as much as writing fiction is writing creative nonfiction about my travels.

“Explore the world, then explore it again in your writing. Find the personal stories in your travel experiences. Your readers will thank you—and read you—for it.”

You can bet I’ll be gathering some experiences to write about as I spend most of the month in Budapest, Hungary (just a few minutes’ walk from the iconic Hungarian Parliament Building) with side trips to Eger, Tokaj, Pecs, and Sopron in Hungary, Zagreb and Rijeka in Croatia, Lake Bled and Ljubljana in Slovenia, Vienna in Austria, and Bratislava in Slovakia.

Read my story about travel writing, and how to turn it from work into fun, at the following link.


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