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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Let’s Go to Madrid

Check out the latest issue of inTravel Magazine to read my latest travel story: “Meandering About Madrid.” It’s in the November/December issue, and you can find it at www.intravelmag.com/in-depth/846-meandering-about-madrid.

In the travel story, illustrated with original sketches by Nataliya Goodman, we bring readers along for visits to the highlights of Madrid, Spain.

“I’m no expert on Madrid, having spent less than a week in Spain’s capitol. But the limited days we spent meandering around Madrid were packed from pre-dawn to post-dusk with exciting visits and enjoyable experiences. Whether we were talking to locals or sharing fiction with expats, touring palaces or steeping in the black paintings of Goya, the adventures did not cease. Our visit lasted long enough to let me know that I need to return when I have more time to get lost in the twisted side streets, be mesmerized in a museum, or to relax in a plaza café with a pinch of 1866 and a plate of tapas. Rain or shine, I’ll be passing through the gateway of the sun again one day soon.”

Join me for a tour of Madrid in the latest issue of inTravel Magazine. And if you like what you read, vote for “Meandering About Madrid” to help make it the most popular story of the issue!

After Madrid, if you’d like to continue our travels, see my earlier travel story, "Bouncing about Barcelona," at www.intravelmag.com/in-depth/834-bouncing-about-barcelona.

Read more at www.intravelmag.com.

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