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Friday, November 02, 2012

Writing, Baltimore, Zombies in Publish or Die

Last week, I was interviewed by Emily Walker for Publish or Die, a literary blog.

In the interview, we discuss everything from the writing process, and publishing vs. self-publishing to Charlie Brown, Baltimore, and zombies. Here’s a sampling.

Emily Walker: What’s your favorite thing about the writing process?

Eric D. Goodman: My favorite thing is probably having a polished draft ready to submit to my agent. It’s a wonder feeling. But the most exciting part of the process is probably starting a new first draft – when inspiration flows and you’re excited about what is to come.

EW: Anything you would like to say to the aspiring authors reading this blog?

EDG: The best advice I have for aspiring authors would be to spend more time reading than writing because that will make your writing better. Read as much as you can. Then, when it comes to writing, always put aside your draft and plan to do a rewrite a few months (or years) later. That’s the way to improve your writing. Believe me, as good as you may think your first draft is, it’ll always be better in draft two.

EW: Your thoughts on Zombies.

EDG: I think we need to destroy them all before they take over.

Read the entire interview, see the pictures, watch the video, hit the links … it all starts at the following link.


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