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Friday, October 26, 2012

Better Weather in Barcelona

With Hurricane Sandy threatening to dim our days, now is a good time to dream of places with better weather.

Check out the latest issue of inTravel Magazine to read my latest travel story, “Bouncing About Barcelona.” It’s in the September/October issue, and you can find it at www.intravelmag.com/in-depth/834-bouncing-about-barcelona.

In the travel story, with original illustrations by Nataliya Goodman, we bring readers along for visits to the highlights of Catalonia.

“Truth be told, although the Sagrada Familia is the sight I have most anticipated, I expect to be let down. Like a movie or book everyone has raved about, you watch or read with unreasonably high expectations, only to come away disappointed. That is not the case with what is easily Europe’s and most likely the world’s most unusual and creatively designed church. I come with high expectations. They are exceeded.”

I also offer thoughts on traveling and guides in general.

“A guide book changes as the reader does. The same guide books that helped us discover Barcelona took on a whole new meaning as we sat on the plane returning home. All of the wonder and anticipation, as I looked at the same pages and passages, had changed to familiarity and comfort. It’s sort of like the first day at a new school compared to the last day at an old one. It’s always nice to leave home for an adventure. It’s usually nice to be back in your own bed.”

Join me for better weather in Barcelona at inTravel Magazine. And if you like what you read, vote for “Bouncing About Barcelona” to help make it the most popular story of the issue!

Read more at www.intravelmag.com.


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