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Friday, August 28, 2020

Shanghai's Life in the Fast Lane

Beijing has it's Imperial history, Hangzhou has it's West Lake and Dragon Well Tea, Xi'an has the Terracotta Army, but for modern day life in the fast lane, there's no better place to visit than Shanghai.

The twisted side streets still wind within pockets of the city, as does the colonial buildings of the Bundt, but for the most part you'll notice the museum of skyscrapers and modern buildings.

Join me for a tour of Shanghai in this travel story published by HackWriters.


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Friday, August 21, 2020

Take Time for Tea (Fit for an Emperor)

In our new work-at-home quarantine reality, there's more time than ever to take time for a regular afternoon tea. How about sampling tea fit for an emperor?

We did just that when we visited Hangzhou's Longjing Village and sampled Dragon Well Tea for ourselves. Set within the rolling green tea hills, taking part in the roasting process ourselves, we enjoyed the tea that was once exclusively for the emperor of China and his guests alone. 

Find out more. Steep yourself a cup of tea and read my travel story in Go World Travel.


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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

The Fictional Café Features Traffic Report

A morning cup of joe and a healthy dose of fiction is a great way to start the day—or a great break in the afternoon. Grab yourself a coup of coffee or tea and drop in on The Fictional Café where the baristas regularly serve fresh fiction.


My story “Traffic Report” was featured in The Fictional Café. “Traffic Report” is an excerpt from my novel, Setting the Family Free.


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Friday, August 07, 2020

Go Nomad Goes to Xi'an

Another travel story I wrote shortly after returning from my tour of China was published by Go Nomad. "Xi'an: The Cradle of Unified China" explores the ancient city of Xi'an and its most notable citizens: the terracotta warriors. This army of life-sized soldiers, the most important archaeological discover of the 20th century, is a marvel. We get into the pit, and meet one of the farmers who found them.

Also in Xi'an, we visit another great wall, the bell and drum towers, and experience some close calls in a rickshaw. 

Join the adventure at Go Nomad.


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