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Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Celebrate Lunar New Year in Beijing

We just celebrated the lunar new year. What better time than now to explore China?

Baltimore Style Magazine published my travel story about Beijing, China. “Crickets and Dragons” is available in the print and online versions of the magazine.

In the article, my daughter, Nicole, and I venture through modern and historic Beijing, rickshawing through the Hutong, touring Tiananmen Square, strolling through the Forbidden City, and joining locals in the gardens of the Summer Palace.

Music wafted down a hillside path; we climbed it and arrived at the Garden of Virtue and Harmony. A full band sounded, as dozens of seniors sang from songbooks and others danced in circles. We were pulled in and danced, hand-in-hand, in their cozy circle. Their smiles brightened our morning in a way that the smog-veiled sun did not.

Tourists and locals, in perfect harmony.

Join me in China; read “Crickets and Dragons” in Baltimore Style. 

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