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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Searching for Steinbeck with Atticus Books

What happens when you combine the leg of a book tour with a literary pilgrimage? Find out on the Atticus Books blog as I search for Steinbeck.

"Eric D. Goodman's passion for John Steinbeck is contagious,” said Dan Cafaro of Atticus Books. “His imagery-filled essay about searching the west coast for his literary idol is now on the Atticus Books blog. Such a wonderful tribute. If you're not intimately familiar with Steinbeck's works, it will encourage you to experience them."

Steinbeck's writing is contagious, and I'm infected.

Read “Searching for Steinbeck” now at the Atticus Books blog.


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Monday, December 09, 2013

Make Plans to Read Syndic Literary Journal

In issue no. 9 of Syndic Literary Journal, you’ll find a nice collection of fiction and poetry that you can read or listen to in the latest issue.

For starters, check out an abridged version of my story “Prewitt’s Plans” both in digital print and audio. “Prewitt’s Plans” is an abridged story from Tracks: A Novel in Stories and originally appeared in unabridged form in Scribble.

You’ll also find the fiction of Charles Rammelkamp as well as a great photy by Mel Solomon of San Francisco’s iconic St. Peter & Paul’s Church and Coit Tower.

LeRoy Chatfield founded the original Syndic in San Francisco and published it 1958-1960. Fifty years later in 2010, Chatfield revived his Syndic Literary Journal and publishes it online at syndicjournal.us

Check out the latest issue at the link below.

Or go right to “Prewitt’s Plans” at the following link.

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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Brooklyn Voice Publishes Fiction

My short story, “Things He Will Remember,” was published in The Brooklyn Voice.

The Brooklyn Voice is a literary magazine that promotes the original work of new and established writers. It has been regularly publishing quality work since 2007. Find it at www.brooklynvoice.com.

Things He Will Remember” is a short story about a person at the moment before dying in a military hospital, and the odd things that unexpectedly creep into his mind in his final moments.

“There are things he will remember until the end. Things he hadn’t thought of for years. Things that surface like fish in the crimsoned waters of Normandy.

“The things he will remember are not the things he thinks he will remember in the script shelved in his mind. This is not his life story. But it is, too. Things that have always seemed important to him will not come to mind, in the end. Some of the things he will remember never mattered much at all.”

Find out more about what he will remember at The Brooklyn Voice:


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