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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Stranger than Fiction

Ian McEwan, one of Britian's most popular authors, has a story to tell. It may seem like a plot right out of one of his novels -- but it's actually from his real life.

In 1942, before Ian was even born, his father went to war. During that time, his mother had an affair with another officer -- Ian's future father. They had a baby. To hide any sign of the affair, she gave the baby up, handing it over to strangers on railroad station platform. Later, her husband died in Normandy and she married Ian’s father.

Five years ago, Ian and his brother David reunited. Up until then, Ian had no clue there was another brother in the family. David offered the famous author the opportunity to write the interesting story -- but Ian declined, telling him it was his story to tell. Now there are two writers in the family.

For the whole story, see Alan Cowell’s article in The New York Times.



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