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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Pregnancy Journal Author Finds Womb "Amazing"

Katherine Cottle's published books include I Remain Yours, My Father's Speech, and Halfway: A Journal through Pregnancy. What does the author of a journal through pregnancy have to say about a novel looking at pregnancy from the inside out?

"It is amazing, what awaits in Eric D. Goodman's latest full-length fiction. Womb, an inventive and eye-opening novel-in-utero, is a cocktail of all human emotion, presented through the impressions and knowledge of the most internally omniscient and instinctual of narrators.  Goodman bravely stakes out uncharted routes in his endearing and enduring account of life, both before and after birth. Fear, love, pain, desire, and longing drive the human minds and voices of this literary crossroads, and their unstoppable drive toward and from each other."

--Katherine Cottle,
author of Halfway: A Journal through Pregnancy

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