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Monday, April 24, 2017

Evolution of a Cover (Part One)

When Atticus Books hired award-winning designer Jamie Keenan to design the cover for Tracks: A Novel in Stories, I came eye-to-eye with the fact that, despite the adage, people can and do judge books by their covers. A good cover can draw a reader to or away from a book on display. A good cover that conveys the feel of the book is important.

Jamie has designed covers for all sorts of authors, including F. Scott Fitzgerald, Stephen King, H.G. Wells, George Orwell, Junot Diaz, David Foster Wallace, Philip K Dick, Anthony Burgess, Tennessee Williams, Jean-Paul Sarte, Rudyard Kipling, Garrison Kellior, Nick Hornby, A.M. Homes. So I was thrilled that my name would be added to his cover list.

Here are some of the early cover concepts Jamie came up with.

We all felt that the bend in the tracks evoked the “who knows what’s around the bend” feeling of Tracks. An unscientific focus group of friends and fellow writers and publishers agreed. The result is a cover I’ll never forget.

Learn more about Jamie and see some of his cover designs at www.keenandesign.com.


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