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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Charles Rammelkamp calls Setting the Family Free "Vivid as the Nightly News"

Charles Rammelkamp is one of Baltimore's literary giants. An author and a poet himself, he is also editor of The Potomac online literary journal, is prose editor for BrickHouse Books, and was a staff writer for Renaissance Magazine. Here is what Charles Rammelkamp thought of Setting the Family 

“Sammy Johnson collects exotic animals on his rural Ohio property, which isn't a problem until suddenly it is, and then everybody wants in on the action. 'Dealing with the press could prove as unpleasant as dealing with wild animals,' Deputy Chuck Ellison observes. But the press is only a part of it in Eric D. Goodman's rollicking story of things getting out of control. Toss in the law, psychologists, zoologists, and even an old drinking buddy, and you start to get the full picture, vivid as the nightly news!”

         - Charles Rammelkamp,
             author of Mata Hari: Eye of the Day and

             American Zeitgeist

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