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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Getting Ahead in Contrapuntos

Digitus Indie Publishing is publishing my short story, “Getting Ahead” in their latest print anthology, Contrapuntos IV.

Contrapuntos translates to counterpoint. Based in the Arizona-Nevada region, Digitus’s Contrapuntos publishes works of fiction and nonfiction in both English and Spanish.

“Getting Ahead” is about a relocating artist who, during her trip, finds a way to get ahead.

As the anthology’s editor, Jennifer Byron, writes: “What starts as a mundane cross-country road trip that a young couple takes in Eric Goodman’s “Getting Ahead” leads to an abrupt and rather humorous finale. The dialogue between the two protagonists and description of pit stops along the way distracts the reader from the unexpected twist that occurs at the end of the tale. Upon its conclusion, the short story invites the reader to consider the composition of its protagonists’ psyche to better understand the actions that unfolded in the narrative.”

Learn more about Digitus, and how you can order your print copy of Contrapuntos IV, at their website.

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