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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Tom Glenn Makes the Front Page

At the Lit and Art Reading Series, Tom Glenn is often referred to as "The REAL World's Most Interesting Man." I don't take credit for coining that term; I believe Nitin Jagdish came up with it. But I use it often. More than a great author, Tom speaks seven languages, plays classical piano on his Steinway, is an expert on opera, served as a spy, and was in Saigon when the city fell to the communist, leaving under fire.

Recently, Tom was featured in the Baltimore Sun and some of it's satellite newspapers. I was honored to be able to talk with the reporter about Tom and his work.

His latest work is Last of the Annamese, a beautiful hardcover released by Naval Institute Press. The wonderfully designed book and cover do justice to the equally wonderful work inside. 

Here's what I wrote about the book when I first read it:

"With a storyline and prose that alternates between gentle and brutal, Tom Glenn’s The Last of the Annamese aches with empathy. The stark realities of love and war, loyalty and betrayal, and doing or accepting dishonorable things for honorable reasons are explored—filtered through a compassionate lens. Tom Glenn’s gripping novel will leave you pondering the main character’s question: Do all memories have to hurt?"

Check out the article about Tom and his book at the link below.


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