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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Tom Glenn on Womb: Written with Sophistication and Poetry

Tom Glenn knows a thing or two about writing with sophistication and poetry. Author of three published books, his fourth, Last of the Anamese, was published by Naval Institute Press last month.

“Eric D. Goodman’s Womb a novel in utero is unique. I know of no other work of fiction told from the first-person point of view of an unborn child. In Goodman’s telling, the zygote—and later the embryo and still later the fetus—is blessed with the wisdom of the ages which he fears he will lose upon birth. As he watches his parents and people around them cope with his existence, he worries about his parents and their life choices. He yearns to impart to them his wisdom and is determined that after birth he will remember everything he now knows. Written with sophistication and poetry, Womb surpasses all of Goodman’s earlier writing in the sheer beauty of the prose and the suspense that unnerves the unborn protagonist.”

--Tom Glenn
Author, Friendly Casualties, No-Accounts, The Trion Syndrome, and Last of the Anamese

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