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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

My Daughter Helps Save Trees

Nicole, my teenage daughter, has never expressed an enthusiastic interest in writing. But she was just published in The Baltimore Sun twice this week. Her letter to the editor regarding the Dumbarton trees in Rodger’s Forge was published in the July 30 edition and again on Saturday, August 2 in the “Maryland Voices: Your Turn” section.

In “Spare the Dumbarton Trees,” Nicole says that the county’s plans to expand Dumbarton Middle School at the expense of century-old trees must be scrapped.

And her letter just may have made a difference! Not only did she get two personal letters from local politicians, the Saturday edition’s Editor’s Note said that some executives have withdrawn support for parts of the plan that involve destroying the trees.

Read Nicole’s letter at the following link.

And, a reply to her letter from another reader, “When nature is in your schoolyard,” was published in the Sun on August 3. You can read the letter here.


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