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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Goodman's Got a Brand New Website

Got a few minutes? Check out the new website, www.EricDGoodman.com.

What will you find there?

Short stories. Travel stories and pictures. Articles about writing. Information about books, both published and forthcoming. Novel excerpts. Train stories. A full list of upcoming readings, book signings and literary events. Blurbs and reviews. Press kits. Videos. Opportunities to connect. Interviews. Even a guided tour of the home writing studio.

Whether you want to read a short story or have one read to you, check out a novel excerpt or read an illustrated travel story, peruse a press kit or watch a video, the place to go is www.EricDGoodman.com.

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Blogger Patrick Godknecht said...

Wouldn't mind checking that out. It's pretty smart that you've got all the literary works and what not in one place, or in one specialized spot and corner of the web, apart from the shared templates like blogspot. Doing so just seals the prestige and legitimacy of your works as a brand product. By the way, have you thought of expanding into other social media formats or just basically expand its platform for publicity?

Patrick Godknecht @ PDG World Marketing

May 28, 2014  

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