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Friday, August 01, 2014

The Good and Bad of Family Reunions

Recently, I went to a family reunion of sorts in celebration of my surviving grandmother’s 90th birthday. In the room were dozens of cousins, uncles, and family members, some of which I hadn’t seen in fifteen years. Five generations stood together in that room—a first in our family history. And best of all, we were not here for the more common sort of forced family reunion. We were here to celebrate 90 years of life well lived.

The other sort of reunion I mention reminds me of her husband’s funeral in 1988. I remember when my grandfather passed away, and the feeling that it was a shame we didn’t get together more often under happier circumstances.

The same tone was present last year at my other grandmother’s funeral. So it is refreshing to be celebrating life at a family reunion.

Not long ago, an abridged version of my short story, “Reunion,” was published in Syndic Literary Journal. Although it was written before my maternal grandmother’s death and paternal grandmother’s birthday, it hits on the theme of the unfortunate sort of family reunions and why it sometimes seems to be the most common kind.

In addition to “Reunion,” you’ll find a nice collection of fiction and poetry you can read or listen to in the latest issue. All available to read in digital ink, or to listen to in audio format.
LeRoy Chatfield founded the original Syndic in San Francisco and published it from 1958 to 1960. Fifty years later in 2010, Chatfield revived his Syndic Literary Journal and publishes it online at http://syndicjournal.us.
Go directly to “Reunion” at the following link.

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