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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Understanding Campaign Wants You

How hard can it be to learn just one word of Arabic? The Understanding Campaign encourages you to become familiar with the word Fhm (fuh-hem’), which literally means understanding. By joining the campaign, you are saying you support empathy and understanding over conflict.

Haneen Alshujairy and Justin Sirois began collaborating on a novel and a book of short stories in late 2007, working entirely over email. After completing both literary projects, they decided to start a more culturally overt campaign to get everyone in the world to read just one word of Arabic. It is a gesture of goodwill between Western and Arab cultures.

The Understanding Campaign is growing into an international nonprofit organization promoting literary projects between the English and Arab worlds. Our nonpartisan initiative seeks to open dialogue through establishing a book donation program where publishers and individuals can easily send books to the Iraqi National Library and Iraqi University libraries.

Want to understand more? Visit http://understandingcampaign.org.



Blogger Justin Sirois said...

Thank you so much, Eric! We need all the help we can get spreading the word.

October 06, 2010  
Anonymous Eric said...

I'm glad to help spread the word, Justin. I'm all for understanding.

You may be interested in the conversation on this topic at Gather. See www.gather.com/edgewriter and look for the same headline.

October 13, 2010  

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