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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Best of Baltimore

Baltimore Magazine has given City Sages the "Best of Baltimore" award!

City Sages is the first book published by CityLit Press.

Congratulations to editor Jen Michalski, cover designer Justin Sirois, CityLit founder and executive director Gregg Wilhelm, and all the "sages" who contributed their literary art to the anthology.

Pick up a copy of the August issue of Baltimore. Then, pick up a copy of City Sages.

Why not get your copy at Baltimore’s third best bookstore, Atomic Books (which ranked after the power chains)? And read it at Baltimore’s best bar, The Brewer’s Art (which Esquire rated the best bar in America). You won’t be able to watch the movie version at Baltimore’s third best theater, because The Senator has closed its doors. But Patterson, Federal Hill, and Oriole Parks are all open for your reading pleasure.

See the “Best of Baltimore” lists for yourself at the following link.


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