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Friday, August 10, 2007

There's a New Literary Columnist in Town

Did you know that in addition to writing and editing Writeful, this literary blog, I also serve as a Book Correspondent for Gather?

Based on the literary-related material I write for Writeful and share with the Gather community, the Gather editorial team asked me to publish a regular, weekly column to Gather Essentials on the Books and Writing content channel.

I've been publishing my weekly literary column, Lit Bit, on Gather for about six months now. Almost every column makes the front page of Gather.

Every Wednesday, around noon, I share a new Lit Bit. I craft each bit to fulfill your literary longings, and I encourage you to comment and contribute to the conversation. Gather makes interaction easy, so you can be a part of the column. We’ll talk about writers, writing, books, publishing, and all things literary.

Look for the next Lit Bit this Wednesday. Or, hit “recent articles on LitBit” and travel back to all of the past Lit Bits where the conversation – your ability to comment and be commented to – is still alive!

Join the Lit Bit conversation at the following link.



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