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Friday, July 06, 2007

TRACKS Story Published in To Be Read Aloud

A slightly altered version of a story from TRACKS, my novel in stories, has been published in the latest edition of To Be Read Aloud.

To Be Read Aloud is an anthology of stories used by universities, high schools, and voice coaches. The anthology is used in oral competitions nationwide.

My story, “The Stein Between Us,” is one of the opening stories in the latest issue. “The Stein Between Us” is a first-person variation of my story “A Good Beer Needs a Good Stein.”

A Good Beer Needs a Good Stein” is the second story from TRACKS, which was read by more than a thousand people as a semi-finalist in the Gather First Chapters Writing Competition earlier this year. An abridged version of the story was also featured on National Public Radio, and won third place in the Maryland Writers’ Association annual fiction contest.

When the editor of To Be Read Aloud read my story in its original form, he offered me a check and a publishing contract — with one request. Because every story published in To Be Read Aloud is in first person, for the purposes of oral competitions, he asked me to rework it as a first-person narrative.

The anthology is a little pricy at $60 a volume — it has a built-in niche audience. However, I’m tapped into contributor copies for half that rate. I’d be happy to send anyone a copy for my contributor’s rate of $30, if interested. (Or just listen to the third-person reading on NPR for free by scrolling down to the link in the previous posting.)

To learn more about To Be Read Aloud, visit their website.


To learn more about TRACKS, a novel in stories, visit the novel’s site.



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