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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Damage of Not Writing

It pains me to write this. No, really. It literally hurts as I write this. And all because I didn’t stick to my plan of staying in my cabin and getting some writing done.

Well, maybe not entirely because of that.

When my family and I went to the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York, I’d planned to use a good portion of my time working on my writing: some fiction, a travel writing on Czech Republic, Russia, and France.

But when we settled in at the riverside resort, there was a comfortable breeze in the cool air, the sound of the flowing river was soothing, and I couldn’t help myself. I found a flat, comfortable rock and laid back in the sun.

Before I knew it, I had burned. Not just any sunburn. A severe burn and sun poisoning that required medical attention. I had so many blisters, my blisters had blisters! In some areas, my skin was more liquid than solid, and in other areas my swelling made the tight skin even more uncomfortable.

The doctor prescribed four medications and hit me with a shot.

Not only was I in pain, but I couldn’t concentrate on anything! I couldn’t even focus on reading a novel, let alone writing one.

I’ve learned my lesson. No, not to always wear sunscreen, even when the mountain weather seems deceivingly cool — although that’s good advice too.

The lesson is, when you plan to stay inside to get some writing done, you’d better do it, or you may get burned!


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