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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ten Years Later: Remembering a Princess in Fiction

When you write a story, put it away, pull it back out a few years later, then put it back on the shelf, you never really know what the future may hold for it.

Ten years ago, a day or two after the Princess Diana tragedy, in the vacuum of media attention, I wrote a story. Now, ten years later, it has been published.

The editor of The Arabesques Review recently gave me the good news, just a few weeks after I dusted it off and submitted it — my fiction is published in the current issue of their popular literary journal! What’s more, it’s published both in their print and online versions.

The printed magazine is about 150 pages and features original poetry, fiction, and articles along with translations of essays and interviews by international writers, journalists, scholars, and poets. Each issue is illustrated by featured artists. And every issue includes guest editors from around the world.

The theme of the current issue is Globalization. Not just economically, but socially, politically, emotionally.

My story is called Di Did Die (But So Did I). It’s about an American who catches London’s foggy mood during his vacation there the day after Princess Di’s accident.

Coincidentally, Di Did Die (But So Did I) has been published on the tenth anniversary of the tragic accident.

You can learn more about The Arabesques Review at their website.


Visit the current issue here.


Or go directly to my story, Di Did Die (But So Did I).



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