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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Reading Your Work Aloud

Last Saturday, I participated in the Baltimore Authors Showcase. The event was well publicized in the local media and despite the cool, sunny weather after an unbearable heat wave, the indoor event drew quite a crowd. It was nice to see a crowd interested in basking in the warmth of literature instead of the tempting sun.

The showcase took place in the historic Canton branch of the Enoch Pratt Library — the building dating back to 1880. Six local authors read recently published fiction.

I read “Out for a Walk,” a story published in the most recent issue of The Baltimore Review. Other writers read from their novels and short fiction from literary journals. Editors from three separate literary journals were present, as well as representatives from community associations, the library, and other writing organizations.

The branch manager of the Canton library seemed sincerely appreciative, thanking us for coming out — although I felt we should be thanking her (as we did) for inviting us.

And that’s the message I’d like to pass on — if you have literary talents to share, look beyond print. Although publishing is the ultimate goal when it comes to fiction, there are other ways to share your work. If you’ve published a story in a journal or anthology (or if you’ve been fortunate enough to publish a book), you have something to offer — something that some libraries and organizations may be hungry for.

In fact, I’ve found that once you’ve shown you can read, you’ll be invited to read again. Of the four readings I’ve done in the past year or so and the two upcoming, I’ve never gone out in search of a venue. I’ve always been invited. There seems to be a need for people to read their fiction aloud.

So consider getting out there to do it yourself!

To take a look at the Baltimore Authors Showcase from last weekend, visit the link below.



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