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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My Fiction Featured at XandO

Members of the Maryland Writers’ Association Baltimore Chapter will read from their work this Wednesday night, June 27. The 7 p.m. reading takes place at XandO coffee and Bar.

There’s some debate regarding the pronunciation of the venue’s name — is it Xando or X and O? — but there’s sure to be agreement about the refreshing coffee and cocktails. Not to mention the main course: a hearty serving of local literary fare.

I’ll be delivering the opening pages of the novel I’m currently revising: WOMB.

Be the first to hear the opening chapter of WOMB, which is told from the perspective of an unborn child.

Stop by XandO at 3003 N. Charles Street #1, Baltimore, Maryland tomorrow night for lit and a latte or beer and a book excerpt.


Blogger Writer, Rejected said...

Break a leg, dude! Wish I lived nearby. Anyway, check out my not so happy, but funny situation at www.literaryrejectionsondisplay.blogspot.com

June 28, 2007  
Blogger Eric D. Goodman said...

Hi writer rejected,

No rejections here. The reading went very well -- a lot of talented writers.

I enjoyed reviewing your blog. The premise is original and you've obviously done your research. However, it does not meet our needs at this time.

Just kidding. Great idea for a blog!

June 28, 2007  
Blogger Writer, Rejected said...

Ha! I love a good rejection...especially when it's a joke. I'm getting lots of guff over there from the peeps who think I'm never going to publish in this town again....as if anyone's banging down my door, right? Oh well, a bloggers got to do what a bloggers got to do. Sometimes I want to interrupt the debate and say, "hey, it makes me feel better," but I try to float above.

July 10, 2007  

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