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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fiction Featured in The Baltimore Review

The latest issue of The Baltimore Review is available at bookstores, libraries, and online. Inside you’ll find my story, “Out for a Walk.”

The Baltimore Review, like many literary journals, is very selective; the editors receive more than 10,000 submissions a year. It is published twice a year and the editors only select about ten works of short fiction for publication each year.

Interested in getting a copy of the latest issue? There are several ways you can do so.

1) The best way is to subscribe! Go to their website at http://www.baltimorereview.org. A one-year subscription (two issues) is $15. Tell them you’d like to begin with the current issue with my story in it.

2) Order a copy of the current issue from the website. Sample copies are $10.

3) Ask your local bookstore or library whether they carry The Baltimore Review.

4) Get an autographed copy directly from me. I’ll send it to you for the cover price of $8 and cover the postage myself, since I want to share my work. Just email me at edgewriter@gmail.com. You can either send me a check or use PayPal.

5) If you’re nearby, I’d be happy to let you borrow a copy.

I’m thrilled to have made it into the pages of The Baltimore Review and hope you’ll be able to enjoy it — not just my story, but all of the fine work published inside.

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