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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Write Your Memoir Without Boring Your Readers

How many times have you heard it? "You should write a book about your experiences!" Or, “Your life would make a great story!” Or, maybe you feel strongly that your story should be told for one reason or another.

There’s a great place to learn all about how to go about it, and to get an unparalleled head start on your story or memoir. In front of your own computer.

My friend, Sid Smith, convinced writer AND publisher Kevin Sampsell to lead a class on writing Personal Stories and Memoirs.

It's a "webinar" style class (online and telephone simultaneously) with one-on-one editing and guidance throughout the 6 weeks.

The best part is that, as a friend of mine, you'll get a $100 discount on tuition. At only $199 for a six-week class that's limited to only 12 students, you won't find a better deal on a course like this anywhere.

Want to learn more? Visit Sid's web site. To get the discount, you must use the address below.


Tell Sid I said hi.


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