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Monday, December 04, 2006

Bustamante Gets the Royal Treatment

The editor and publisher of Coloquio, Javier Bustamante, has been appointed to the North American Academy of the Spanish Language -- a branch of the Royal Academy of Language in Spain. The academy has been active since 1717.

Born in Seville, Spain, Bustamante has spent most of his life in Baltimore. He's founder of the Hispanic Cultural Association, the Spanish Center, the Baltimore Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and is President of the Hispanic Round Table. He's also a Commissioner of Planning for the City of Baltimore and was president of the mayor's Commission on Hispanic Affairs. In 1986 he founded the magazine Coliquio --now online -- which is considered one of the best magazines of its kind.

To learn more, visit Coloquio and scroll down to his headline -- currently the fifth. (While you’re there, go down one more headline to see a bit on yours truly.)

Bustamante is one of 35 members appointed to the North American branch of the royal academy and will travel to Medellin, Columbia to meet the King and Queen of Spain in March.

Read Coloquio: http://coloquio.com/coloquioonline/last.htm

Go directly to the Spanish press release in PDF:


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