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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Simon Still Rhymin'

Paul Simon kicks off his 2006 Surprise tour in Columbus, Ohio tomorrow. I'll be there, front row, center stage.

The next day, I'm going to Cleveland (not Graceland), where Paul continues his tour in the hometown of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I scored second row seats for that show.

Why is Paul Simon featured on this writing-focused weblog? Because despite his knack for surrounding himself with diversely talented backup musicians, Paul Simon's true talent is in his ability to write poetry. And after fifty years of writing and composing, his voice remains fresh.

On a related note, two newspaper editors expressed interest in a feature story on my Graceland-style pilgrimage. It'll take hours of research, trekking to these concerts with my Simon-loaded iPod, but I'm dedicated to my craft.

To sample Paul Simon's new Surprise, visit his website.


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