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Monday, May 08, 2006

A Remarkable Reading

The Write Here Write Now Reading at the Patterson Theater last Tuesday went very well. Creative Alliance Artistic Director Jedd Dods called the event "a home run." At the reception and in emails and conversations during the days that followed, a number of remarks rolled in. Here are a few.

"Everyone did a wonderful job and I'm glad there was a big turnout."

"Your art shined last night and each of you breathed life into things that were previously mere thoughts in your heads, dots on the screen, words on a page. Man, THAT'S creation!"

"The writing presented was tight and polished, worthy of publication."

"I've had few moments in my life where I've truly been honored to be a part of any group; you guys did us proud last night. Whether we had had five or fifty people, I think the result would have been the same."

"Writing is such a solitary endeavor; it is so nice to come together like last night."

"Just wanted to say again how wonderful each one of you was. Truly. You looked like seasoned readers."

"Thank you all for all your creativity, commitment and presence to make last night a very special one."

"Everyone was so poised and eloquent out there, it was hard to see who had done this type of thing before, and who hadn't. As such, I look forward to my continued affiliation with and support of Write Here, Write Now, The Creative Alliance, CityLit and whatever splinter groups have formed or happen to form out of such a talented group of people."

Get a glimpse of the readers in action on Paul Lagasse's Book Blog.



Anonymous Anatoly said...

Hello Eric,
Thanks to Paul blog entry, now I seen fresh photo of yours ;))
BTW I wonder if you got my mail from May 05. Somehow I got your mails about events like reading only on my web-mail accout - so I wonder if my mail from work account gets to you either?

May 17, 2006  

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