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Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Jadeite Cover Revealed

Apprentice House has designed the cover for my new novel, The Color of Jadeite, and you could say it is etched in stone.

The Color of Jadeite is a literary thriller full of intrigue, romance, treacherous villains, alluring clues, narrow escapes, and surprises around every corner.

With sidekicks Salvador and Mackenzie, Clive Allan sets out to find the priceless artifact, outwitting their rivals at almost every turn. But between the fistfights and rickshaw chases, gunfights and betrayals, Clive’s deep connection with the treasure he seeks and his romance with Wei Wei force him to confront truths about his past and himself.

Check out the cover and learn more about The Color of Jadeite at www.EricDGoodman.com/China.html.

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