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Monday, June 17, 2019

Journey through Germany

Let the next travel adventure begin!

This week, we're headed to Germany for two weeks. My wife, Nataliya, received a grant to follow in the footsteps of the German mathematician and philosopher, Leibniz. My son Alex and I get to tag along. We'll be hitting some unusually mathematical destinations ... but have made sure to schedule in some of our usual castle-culture, palace-pastime, cathedral-collecting exploration. 

Our two weeks will begin in Munich for some beer halls, squares, and palaces. We'll hop in our rental car and take an excursion to "mad" King Ludwig's two castles, Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. Then, we'll stop in Nuremberg  to drop in on the Imperial Castle and Albrecht Durer's house. We'll visit relatives in Dortmund. In Leipzig, we'll catch a Bach concert by the boy's choir and in the church where Bach once served as music director. Although we've seen bits of the Berlin Wall in other countries, we'll stand at the place where west met east and the wall crumbled in Berlin. We'll explore the palaces and art of Dresden. We'll make a stop at the Walhalla Memorial to take in the hall of fame. And we'll finish where we began, in Munich.

We've been to Germany several times, most recently last year for a day in Frankfurt. But this will be our longest German excursion since 1999.

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