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Friday, June 07, 2019

Setting the Endorsements Free

Early readers of Setting the Family free are beginning to weigh in. Allow me to begin setting the comments free.

Katherine Cottle is author of the forthcoming book, The Hidden Heart of Charm City, as well as earlier books I Remain Yours, Halfway: A Journal through Pregnancy, and My Father’s Speech.

Here is what Kathy had to say about Setting the Family Free:

Setting the Family Free reinforces Eric D. Goodman’s powerful voice and imagination as one of Baltimore’s most riveting and prolific writers. As with his former novels, Goodman captures the human condition through multiple and unpredictable lenses, illuminating our strengths and weaknesses in a presentation which merges past and present stories, intertwining conversations, and metaphorical geographies. However, Setting the Family Free takes that vision a step further, exploring the existence of the animal, both human and nonhuman, when pushed beyond its natural and enforced boundaries. The blurring between caged and free is violently, gracefully, and thoughtfully crafted, a true tale of terror—both within and without real and realized bars.”

— Katherine Cottle, author of My Father›s Speech, Halfway: A Journal through Pregnancy, and I Remain Yours

Pre-order your copy of Setting the Family Free today!

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