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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Di Died 20 Years Ago

It’s hard to believe that it was 20 years ago today that Princess Diana died. In those days, we rushed to our television sets for news of the tragedy, not our cell phones or even our computers.  I remember being inspired that very weekend to write something about the event. But, in a way, it wasn’t the event itself that inspired me as much as how much attention it garnered.

Di Did Die (But So Did I) was published on the 10th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death in The Arabesque Review, both in print and online. It’s about the death of Princess Diana and the media craze that both helped cause it and surrounded it, making the moment larger than life. But it’s also about the inequality of fame, how one person can garner so much attention while thousands of others go unnoticed.

You can read Di Did Die (But So Did I) in The Arabesque Review, originally published in 2007, at the link below.

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