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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Get Cracking with Crack the Spine

Crack the Spine is a weekly online literary journal that publishes it's best work in a quarterly print anthology. Crack the pages of issue 197 and you'll find my short story, "Small Talk" toward the beginning of the issue.

"Small Talk" is one of the stories I wrote during my morning ritual at the Ox-Bow artist colony. On that writing retreat, I was revising Womb: a novel in utero. 

Each morning, I would warm up by sitting on the couch in my studio and reading an entry in John Steinbeck's Journal of a Novel. Then, I'd sit at my desk and write a few pages of flash fiction. Some of those exercises resulted in throwaways. A few, like "America Land," "The Bell," and "Girl 2, 5, or 7" made their way to publication.

So it is with "Small Talk." 

Be sure to leave a comment about the story in the issue's comments section to boost the chances of seeing "The Bell" ring in Crack the Spine's next print anthology!




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