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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Eleven Years of Writeful

It seems hard to believe, but it was 11 years ago that I launched Writeful: a weblog for writers and readers with these words:

Hello, and welcome to Writeful! It seems only writeful that I join my fellow writers and launch a weblog. We writers (and our readers) need to stick together, after all. In this exploding cyber-community, remember that every “weblog” begins with “we.” Since every “we” includes a “me,” perhaps an appropriate place to start is to tell you who I am.

How old-fashioned a weblog seems today. And yet, I like keeping the tradition alive and plan to keep Writeful going.

In the 11 years that followed, I’ve shared tips from established authors like Alice McDermott, Neil Gaiman, Tom Wolf, and John Irving as well as news about literary events and prizes. 

I’ve shared armchair travel stories and short stories published in journals, magazines, and online. I’ve promoted the books of friends and fellow authors and have kept readers abreast of my own publications and book releases.

At times, posts came daily or even more frequently than that. 

Now, with more connections made on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites, updates are more like a few times a month, or as updates come.

All of the posts are still there, going all the way back to June 22, 2005. Take a stroll along the world wide web; visit the archives along the left side of the screen!

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