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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

What Will You Read This Year?

As you settle into 2016, you may be ironing out some of your goals and resolutions for the new year. For many, that includes thinking about your reading list.

A fitting time to share the great mash-ups suggested by Atticus Books! Recently, the publisher did a service to readers by offering a full and diverse reading list. They paired their own titles with similar classics. The result: perhaps the work of curating a reading list has been done for you.

They paired Fight for Your Long Day with Prinn, The Great Lenore with The Great Gatsby, The Snow Whale with Moby Dick, and The Messiah Trilogy with Lord of the Rings. Other authors paired up include Nathan Leslie with David Foster Wallace, Jared Yates Sexton with Ramond Carver, Letita L. Moffitt with Toni Morrison, and me with Tim O’Brien.

“If The Things They Carried is a reminder of the War in Vietnam, Tracks is a reminder of the wars people face every day when they wake up.”

Check out all of the pairings at the Atticus Books website … and start reading a combination of indie lit and classics for 2016.

Which book are you starting your year with?

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Blogger Serena said...

Interesting idea to pair your book with O'Brien's. I wonder how they came to that pairing. I would love to see the discussion on that one.

January 05, 2016  

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