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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Off to the Highlands

I’ve been feeling a wee bit peckish for some tatties and neeps, so I’m off to Scotland.

We’re stopping for a day in London along the way and plan to stroll the Thames, listen to the chimes of Big Ben at Parliament, pay a visit to Buckingham Palace, and peek into the National Gallery, Portrait Gallery, and Tate before taking the tube from Piccadilly Circus back to Heathrow.

In Scotland, we’ll spend most of our time in Edinburgh and Glasgow. We look forward to a stroll along the Royal Mile, visit to Edinburgh Castle and Hollyrood Palace and all of the wonderful museums and sites between the two. We’ll explore the works of Mackintosh in Glasgow and take in the religious relics and modern art.

Sterling Castle and Rosslyn Chapel are also on the list, as well as an exploration of Loch Lomond, the highlands, and Loch Ness. Fingers crossed that we’ll spot Nessie.

Hold the haggis, heavy on the scotch, and let the bagpipes hum.

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