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Monday, January 27, 2014

Meeting Steinbeck with Writers Weekly

You may remember late last year, Atticus Books published my literary travel story, “Searching for Steinbeck” on their book blog. "Eric D. Goodman's passion for John Steinbeck is contagious,” said Dan Cafaro of Atticus Books. “His imagery-filled essay about searching the west coast for his literary idol is now on the Atticus Books blog. If you're not intimately familiar with Steinbeck's works, it will encourage you to experience them."

There’s a sequel to “Searching for Steinbeck” in which I actually find him. Thomas Steinbeck, the son of John Steinbeck. During the west-coast leg of my book tour for Tracks, I was fortunate enough to participate in a book event that Thom Steinbeck helped me set up and promote.

Writers Weekly, the highest-circulation freelance writing ezine in the world, published my “feature article” on the experience.

Thom Steinbeck shares some good advice. "My father used to tell me that you should never sit down to create a story. You sit down to write a story, but the creation of it comes before you ever begin to write. You don't create at the desk. You need to dream the entire story first, from beginning to end."

Read “Meeting Steinbeck” in Writers Weekly.


Or begin at the beginning by reading “Searching for Steinbeck” at the Atticus Books blog.





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