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Friday, February 01, 2013

Writers Pay it Forward

The Next Big Thing is a writer interview series that is getting a lot of buzz this year. It’s a sort of “pay it forward” interview series providing readers with an ever-growing series of discussions about writers and their works. It offers an inside view of our process, our passions, our efforts to create our best work.

I was asked to participate by the founder of the Eludia Award for Fiction and the Hidden River Writers in Philadelphia: Debra Leigh Scott. Debra is the author of Other Likely Stories and is working on a documentary—but in today’s interview, she talks about her most recent project: Piety Street, a novel being published this year by New Door Books.

“Readers who like entering into an entire world and staying there, discovering a variety of powerful characters, experiencing mystery, struggle, injustice, crime, and ultimate resolution and redemption, will love Piety Street. It’s filled with everything found in my beloved New Orleans: mysticism, magic, spirituality, passion. And all of that is blended with historical events: the great immigrations of Sicilians to New Orleans at the turn of the 20th century, the sweep of death caused by the 1919 influenza pandemic, the great flood of 1927 that destroyed large areas of New Orleans – much like the more recent Katrina.”

Check out Debra’s full interview today, and come back next Friday to see mine!


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