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Friday, February 15, 2013

In With The New

I don’t want to say “out with the old,” so let’s just agree to welcome in the new.

Last week, I was The Next Big Thing! This week, I’m the last big thing.

The Next Big Thing is a a sort of “pay it forward” interview series providing readers with an ever-growing series of discussions about writers and their works. It offers an inside view of our process, our passions, our efforts to create our best work.

Author Debra Leigh Scott asked me to participate a few weeks ago. You can see my write-up about her interview here:


My own Next Big Thing interview from last Friday is here:


And now, I’d like to introduce The NEXT Big Thing!

Lauren Eisenberg Davis is working on Other Mothers’ Daughters, a memoir about the plight of vulnerable children and the adults who exploit and protect them, told from the point of view of the child of an abusive mother and the adult wife of a pedophile.

Find Lauren’s interview at her Facebook page.


Sherry Audette Morrow is currently working on two novels. Her articles, short fiction, and poetry have appeared publications in the United States and Canada. The anthology New Lines From the Old Line State includes one of her short stories and one of her essays is featured in Mean Girls Grown Up: Adult Women Who Are Still Mean Bees, Middle Bees and Afraid-To-Bees. Sherry is the founding editor of Scribble Magazine — www.scribblemagazine.us.

Find Sherry’s interview at her Facebook page.


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