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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Great Gadfly

My book review for Year of the Gadfly by Jennifer Miller was published in the most recent issue of Switchback, the literary journal of the University of San Francisco’s Master of Fine Arts in Writing Program.

The review was published by this San Francisco lit journal while I was in San Francisco for a reading of Tracks: A Novel in Stories. Was that the power of proximity or just a curious coincidence?

Serendipity, I suppose.

A bit of the review: “Part coming-of-age story, part secret society mystery, Year of the Gadfly follows the exploits of Iris Dupont, a teenage reporter whose family is moving from their home in Boston to the remote New England town of Nye. Moving to a new place can be difficult for any 14-year old child. Add to that Iris’s personality as a “gadfly,” someone who does not quite fit in, and Miller offers us an intriguing protagonist. Her best friend, for example, is the imaginary ghost of Edward R. Murrow.”

Check out my review of this fun novel at the link below.


And check it out on the front page!


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