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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gluckman's Characters Find Themselves in Deadly Exchange

Think you’ve had an identity crisis at one time or another? Ever feel like your boss or coworkers are a little too intrusive? Think again.

The two main characters in Geoffrey Gluckman’s novel, Deadly Exchange, go against all odds to find one another—but first they have to tackle the struggle of finding themselves.

It’s hard to fit Deadly Exchange into one neat category, other than to describe it as a fast-paced thriller. Part conspiracy theory mystery, part spy action-adventure, garnished with philosophy, self-help, espionage, and romance, Gluckman weaves his characters, themes, plots and subplots together as they travel from coast to coast.

Frank Revere, a former federal agent who has lost his wife and never been himself since, doesn’t know who Jennifer Chance is when he meets her. But then, neither does Jennifer Chance.

As one of the world’s most successful motivational speakers, she’s at the top of her game—and yet unsatisfied. Together, they rediscover not only themselves and one another—they discover what true motivation really is.

To write the thriller, Gluckman drew on his experience as a federal agent and recruitment by the CIA, as well as his experience as an exercise physiologist and international lecturer.

Learn more about Geoffrey Gluckman’s novel, Deadly Exchange, by visiting his website. You can even read the first chapter while you’re there.



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