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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Historic Senator

It’s been said, as much as authors like myself hate to admit it, that the movie is the new novel. That is, people used to sit by the fireside with a good book; now the average person is more likely to catch a movie. With that in mind, I’d like to shelve the book this week and join the conversation about the latest adventure of Indiana Jones.

Last night I was invited to an advanced screening of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull at The Senator Theater, one of our nation’s few remaining historic theaters. The theater seats 950 and barely a seat remained open. There must have been close to a thousand people there — from theater owners and critics to politicians and the ticket-winners. And you know what? Regardless of what they may say today, last night they were laughing, jumping, cheering – enjoying themselves.

Isn’t that what a summertime popcorn movie is supposed to do?

Indy 4 was a romping rollercoaster ride. Was the film as good as the original trilogy? Not quite — but that’s the nostalgia of 27 years creeping in. Sure the new movie gets a little far out, but so did the other movies. A 700-year-old knight guarding the Holy Grail? Beating hearts bursting into flames, anyone? That’s part of the comic-book fun. Indy movies don’t take themselves seriously.

Sure, the new movie includes some monkey business that would have been better left out. And, given the 17 years that have passed since Last Crusade, it’s more a tribute to the 50s than the 30s. And yes, it starts a little better than it finishes.

That said, Indy delivers. If you enjoyed the original three films, you’ll enjoy this one. It’s as fun as the originals.

So what are you waiting for? Hit the theater, grab your popcorn, get a good seat. And remember that the best place to see an old-style movie like this one is at a historic theater – like The Senator.

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