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Monday, April 21, 2008

Two Lit-Filled Days in Baltimore

This past weekend offered a lot for lovers of literature to latch on to.

Saturday marked the fifth annual CityLit Festival, one of the region's largest celebrations of the literary arts. The event featured far too many sessions and speakers to mention here, but included Afaa Michael Weaver, Dr. Ben Carson, Laura Lippman, and authors featured in the upcoming Freshly Squeezed anthology.

The Freshly Squeezed anthology reading was well attended - more audience members than in some of the sessions featuring best-selling authors. (Talk about the local literary community supporting its own!) Authors reading their work from the new anthology from Loyola's Apprentice House included Rick Connor, Fernando Quijano III, Nicole Walton, Tamara Keurejian, Barbara Friedland, Holly Myers, Mare Cromwell, Eric D. Goodman, Nancy O. Greene, and Leo Horrigan.

And as though that wasn't enough to fill the day, the monthly 510 reading featured readings by popular authors Michael Kimball, Maude Casey, and Michael Downs.

When I drove to Sunday's Lit & Art at the Watermark event, I was surprised to see the extremely crowded streets, "event parking" signs all around, and lack of usual parking spaces. "Lit & Art has gone far," I thought. The modest crowd inside didn't correspond with the cars all around.

We were competing with the Baltmore Oriels AND the New York Yankees. And the SPCA March for Animals. And several concerts. And probably a thousand other non-literary events.

Still, the Lit & Art event was a good one, filled with creative readings, fine art, and good food, wine, and company. Authors reading from their work included Caryn Coyle, Lauren Beth Eisenberg, Eric D. Goodman, Nitin Jagdish, Eric Kestler, Deanna Nikaido, and Nancy O. Greene.

And the winner was ... everyone who came out and had a great time.

Stay tuned for more information on future events!

And take a sneak peek at the Freshly Squeezed anthology on the Apprentice House website.



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