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Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Chatting With Authors

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Thousands of writers at all levels—from beginners to seasoned experts—join together to share and learn at writing conferences across the nation and around the world. I have fond memories of cutting my teeth at some of these conferences, such as the  Annual Maryland Writers Conference.

My own session went well.  I participated in a panel discussion on marketing your writing.  Joining me were authors Austin Camacho, Diane Marquette, and Peter Abresch. We provided tips on our own unique ways of marketing our writing to new audiences — through blogs, articles, book signings, book readings, conferences, social media, and more.

The highlight of one Maryland Writers Conference was the keynote address by author Thomas F. Montelone.  Tom is the author of more than thirty books and has published more than 100 stories.  He’s also the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Writing a Novel.  

I had the pleasure of chatting with Tom over coffee during the conference for about half an hour.  But I didn’t conduct an interview since I knew that there were already two great ones out there by fellow conference-goers.

Read an interview with Tom conducted by Nancy O. Greene at The Writer’s Block here.




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